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Proven Results

As part of a trial at the Hanson plant in Preston, Sydney Australia in June 2015, eight trucks (8) were cleaned. From then on, four (4) of these trucks used the DrumBlaster daily washout system, and four were washed out in the traditional way.

In October 2015,all eight trucks were cleaned by independent maintenance company TPM, and the concrete build-up from each truck was weighed. The average build-up in each truck NOT using DrumBlaster was 417.5 kg per truck, whilst trucks using DrumBlaster had an average build-up of only 65 kg per truck. The four DrumBlaster trucks had an outstanding reduction in waste build-up of 84.4% per truck.

DrumBaster trials have also been conducted in Melbourne (Australia) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) and this has resulted in DrumBlaster purchasers by the companies undertaking the trials. Below is a photograph of a drum in Sydney Australia that has been using DrumBlaster which shows no concrete build-up after 4 months.

Hanson Prestons DrumBlaster Trials

9 June to 28 October 2015

Truck Number TPM Dedag wt
Trucks using DrumBlaster
1 60
2 70
3 40
4 90
Total 260kgs
Average 65kgs
Trucks not using DrumBlaster
5 400
6 310
7 590
8 370
Total 1670kgs
Average 417.5kgs

What our customers think

Drivers really appreciate the DrumBlaster’s capabilities when they are cleaning up after delivering high-strength, kerb or coloured loads. The following is some of the feedback from drivers: