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Our Products

At Drumblaster, we pride ourselves on supplying the most innovative solutions in drum-cleaning technology, to ensure your mixers are free from cement build-up. We also supply quality treatment systems for concrete washout water, allowing it to be disposed of or recycled for concrete, cooling sand, dust suppression and rock piles.

The Load & Go Mixed Truck Wash and the CO2 Washout and Stormwater Treatment System are Drumblaster’s solution to water wastage and improved safety for your mixers.

Load & Go

The Load & Go Ready Mixed Truck Wash is a completely automated and drive-through concrete truck wash system, highly specialised to thoroughly clean the entire mixer in 45-60 seconds, using around 130 litres of water.

Gone are the days of drivers exiting their vehicles in high traffic areas, having to climb a wet ladder and lean over a spinning drum to reach all the hard to access points.


CO2 Washout and Stormwater Treatment System

Thousands of litres of washout wastewater are produced daily by precast and ready-mix facilities.

For over 25 years Applied Technology Systems, Inc. manufactures and supplies Carbon Dioxide and/or Flocculent Based pH Control Systems for all types of processes including ready mix, precast, and job site construction for washout, wastewater and stormwater treatment.