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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the nozzles last

This will depend on the quality of water you are using. The more sediment the more abrasive it will be on the orifice. You should get 12 to 18 months.

Does the water build up in between the blades causing the jets not to clean efficiently?

No it doesn’t the DrumBlaster uses approximately 700 lts or 167 gallons per 5 minute clean or 400 lts or 95 gallons for a 3 minute clean so the jets can still penetrate the ID of the drum.

What maintenance is required?

In the operation manual is a list of the regular maintenance that should take place. Follow these simple easy steps to keep your machine in tip top performance.

How long does it take to clean the entire drum?

3 to 5 minutes depending on the length of the drum and the type of concrete to be removed. The speed of the nozzle is fully adjustable to increase or decrease the time to clean.

How much water does it use?

130 lts or 31 gallons per minute.

Does it use reclaimed or recycled water?

You can use either, the system was designed to use reclaimed/recycled water.

How many years does it take to pay for itself?

Depending on individual plant costs, with a fleet of 10 trucks the system will pay itself in under 2 years.

Can the DrumBlaster clean different types of trucks?

Yes with its adjustable boom and tilt function and boom length it will accommodate all types of drums.

How does the boom gain entry?

Between the bottom of the hooper and the second blade, if this is not big enough alternatives include, either a small notch in the bottom of the hopper or a In Liner placed in the loading hopper, see photos on website.

Does the water need filtration?

If you are using reclaim/recycled water a Y Line Strainer with a 30 to 50 stainless steel mesh is advisable. Place before header tank or in-between header tank and pump.

If I have contractors on site how can I charge them for the machine?

DrumBlaster comes with a additional Fleet Management System (FMS) This records the time of all trucks using DrumBlaster, you could use this information to charge contractors.

Can the stairs be in different positions?

Yes you can have the stairs directly behind the DrumBlaster or at a right angle along one side of the DrumBlaster.

What type of opening is needed to get the boom into the drum?

The boom is about 4 inches so approximately 6 inches of clearance is required.

What is the footprint of the DrumBlaster?

4ft x 8 ft with the option for a 26 ft or 32 ft boom.

Can the DrumBlaster can be operated in Auto or manual?

Yes it is as simple as turning the switch from auto to manual.

Can the cleaning sequence can be easily changed?

Yes it can via the control panel key switch.

Can the cleaning program can be changed?

Yes via plugging a modem into the PLC and talking to DrumBlaster.

Can the cleaning time can be increased or decreased?

Yes by speeding up or slowing down the boom travel via the hydraulics valve.