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CO2 Washout and Stormwater Treatment System

Ready mix and precast facilities produce 100’s of litres of washout wastewater per day based on the size of their operation and plant. This water is usually collected in single or multiple pit systems. In addition, plants may generate stormwater that is discharged off their property. The state DEP, EPA and most city sewer systems won’t allow disposal of these waters if they can contain high pH and suspended solid counts over discharge limits.

One solution is to lower the pH and/or reduce the amount of suspended solids prior to disposal and with proper discharge permits.

Our solution to Washout waste

For over 25 years Applied Technology Systems, Inc. manufactures and supplies Carbon Dioxide and/or Flocculent Based pH Control Systems for all types of processes including ready mix, precast, and jobsite construction for washout, wastewater and stormwater treatment.

The ATSI CO2 systems are ideal for treating these concrete washout water so that it can be disposed or reused. Our system utilizes carbon dioxide gas injected into the water to make carbonic acid to reduce the pH and convert the calcium and magnesium hydroxides into carbonates. These carbonates are heavier and fall out of suspension quickly creating clear pH adjusted water.

How does it work?

This system consists of a CO2 pH Control panel, pH probe, water circulation system piping network, sump pump, hose and CO2 injector. When activated the sump pump circulates water out of the pit and through the CO2 injector returned into the pit. A high pH activates CO2 gas injection into the water that is circulated. Once the pH drops below 8.5 (adjustable), the CO2 gas stops flowing but the system continues to circulate the water back into the pit to equilibrate and maintain the pH.

The treated water can be used for making concrete, dust suppression, cooling sand and rock piles, disposed into the sewer or environment (with applicable permit).


What’s included?

The system includes the following components:

1. pH Control System and pH probe

2. 1 hp Sump Pump

3. CO2 Injector and Water Pipe Network

4. Sump Pump Stand

5. Hose and Hose Connections

6. Injector Cleaning Tank

The CO2 gas supply is available throughout the Australia and considerably safer with lower costs compared to sulfuric and hydrochloric acid. The system requires 240 VAC and a CO2 cylinder to operate. The system is designed to treat washout pits up to 8,000 litres in volume. A double system can treat larger pit size water volumes.