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How it Works


Using DrumBlaster Automated Build-up Control Technology for a few minutes each day is proven to reduce build-up by 85%+. Drivers also find DrumBlaster very useful to use during the day after delivering high strength, sticky or colored loads. DrumBlaster Build-up Control Technology incorporates an extendable boom with a rotating head allowing the mixer drum to remain stationary. Using recycled or fresh water the highly efficient electric driven pump combined with the water jets at the tip of the boom remove the days build up before it hardens.

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safe and simple to use

Easy to install, very easy to operate and has a very low maintenance cost. A DrumBlaster unit can be used 24/7 and will easily service a large fleet of trucks. ​The 5 minute cycle saves time and water versus traditional washout methods.​

  • Back up to prepositioned bump stop
  • Turn off truck & remove keys
  • Driver turns on DrumBlaster, keyfob recognises characteristics of truck
  • Pre-programmed automatic cleaning sequence does the rest
  • Up to 10 passes concentrating on the rear end of the drum/discharge area
  • Pauses and cleans the underside of the hopper and discharge area
  • Driver pulls away and discharges 


The system is designed to accommodate multiple mixer drums configurations and can be customised to suit your particular site requirements. Spare parts are readily available.

​Installation can usually be completed in around 4 hours from delivery and has a small footprint of 5 m x 1.2 m (16.5ft. x 5 ft.). Plants often find it useful to install a small feeder water tank alongside the DrumBlaster.

​As an additional management tool, DrumBlaster supplies a web-based monitoring device for recording the system usage allowing management to standardise and monitor the build-up control process.

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