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For over 80 years the concrete industry has been trying to control and reduce the concrete build-up in mixer delivery trucks as well as develop safe ways of removing the build-up.

To- date, no where in the world , has there been any commercially viable ways of stopping this build-up and it is considered that the problem is getting worse with the addition of the many new additivies to assist with stronger and faster curing concrete.

In 2008 Jonathan Sweet founded Agi-Kleen Pty Ltd in Australia to use a robotic high pressure water system to remove hardened concrete in mixer drums and in 2011 he was joined by Jim Simpson and Michael O’Neill. The company then operated 3 mobile high pressure cleaning units that offered services all around Australia.

The Agi-Kleen service was recoginised by the safety authorities and industry bodies as a major solution to the build-up problem and Agi-Kleen was awarded many safety awards including the SafeWork Australia safety award for 2014. Up to the end of 2016, Agi-Kleen had successfully cleaned over 5500 mixer trucks and taken out over 5,300,000 kgs (11.66 millions lbs) of build-up concrete.

Despite this success, it was difficult to run Agikleen on a commercial basis because it was operating over such huge areas. Knowing that this commericially could be a problem,in 2013 Agikleen directors wanted to solve the problem of mixer concrete build-up by stopping the build-up occurring in the first place

This appeared to be a big undertaking as there was no system in the world that was considered commercial to stop the build-up. Undetered by this, the Agikleen directors believed with their experience in removing hardened concrete using high pressure water and their knowledge of the industry they thought it would take a year to do this. However in reality, it has taken about 4 years to fully develop the DrumBlaster system. DrumBlaster was then formed to prevent the build-up of concrete in mixer drums by washing trucks out properly at the end of each day. After unsuccessfully searching the world for a suitable system, the directors re-engineered an Australian system that was in the early stages of development. Developed off the back of two successful brands, Agi-Kleen and Thoroughclean, DrumBlaster was launched in 2015.

As part of this development, DrumBlaster has been conducting trials in Sydney, Melbourne and Amsterdam (Netherlands) which have all been successful. The trials at Hanson’s Concrete in Preston Sydney were the most extensive and over a 4.5 month period Drumblaster reduced the build-up by 84.4%.

Sales of DrumBlaster have commenced in Australia and due to the success of the trials DrumBlaster has received excellent interest from American and European concrete companies and we are sending DrumBlasters to the USA, UK and the Netherlands.

DrumBlaster is a member of Cement, Concrete and Aggregates Australia and the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (USA).

The Management Team

Jonathan Sweet


Jonathan has been involved in the high-pressure water jetting industry for 20 years, developing his experience in the oil and gas industry and later in petrochemical and concrete demolition. Jonathan was involved in resurrecting the industrial services division of Programmed Maintenance Services Limited, growing the business tenfold, then setting up new businesses in Adelaide as well as the high pressure divisions in New South Wales and Queensland. Over the last six years, Jonathan has established a market for Agi-Kleen technology in Western Australia, South Australia and now the Northern Territory, branching out further afield to Far North Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT.

Michael O'Neill


Michael has over 40 years of industrial management and corporate advisory experience in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. His qualifications include BA (accounting), CPA and he is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has been a director of many public and private companies, including the Turnaround Management Association of Australia Ltd. In his role as a corporate advisor, he has assisted many early-stage companies in different industries and services. Michael has spent the last five years in the development of the Agi-Kleen and DrumBlaster businesses.

Keith Ludwick


Keith has over 35 years’ experience in the South African gold & platinum mining industry.  In 2008, he moved to Australia and worked for various contracting companies in the coal mining industry.  He has held senior positions in production, technical services & management positions.  He now is the General Manager for ThoroughClean building high pressure waterblasters for the Industrial market.

Keith’s qualifications include Bachelor of Engineering, BSc (Eng) and an MBA. Keith is a registered professional mining engineer and a member of SAIMM, ECSA & AusIMM.

James Shedden

Product Manager North America

Proud winner of the Export Achievement Award presented by the US Commerce Department for excellence in international sales and marketing, James has extensive international strategic sales experience, including the procurement of capital equipment into the Middle East, Europe, Australia, SE Asia, North and South America. His 25 years of business development experience covers capital equipment, advanced technologies, precision manufactured instruments, engineering and project management services. James has successfully negotiated long-term partnering agreements that have resulted in multiyear contracts to provide engineering, procurement and construction management services. His communication expertise covers the design and presentation of sales, marketing and communication seminars specifically designed for small to medium-sized engineering and construction firms.